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ClearMind App

This app helps you with objective guideline on making investment decisions.

This app provides you with objective signal on your holdings and guides you for new investments. It shows when to buy, when to sell and when to hold with a very easy user interface. You can add your own portfolio by selecting the scripts within. The background colour depicted for the script will direct your decision

  • Green means Buy
  • Red means Sell
  • Yellow means Hold

Check it once a week, say Sunday or Monday morning that any script in portfolio is not RED . If RED, just sell it and buy another new GREEN entry or stay in cash if no GREEN is there.

If you are an existing investor you may know how much to buy (position size). For new investors we recommend, you make 1% of your investment fund in any script so that your risk will be very low for every position. What existing investors can do is rebalance, if they feel so.

You can read our investment strategy in our about section.